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About Us

North America’s leading supplier of ag tires and wheels.

Established in 1998, Dawson Tire & Wheel is North America’s leading resource for expertise on agriculture wheels, tires and assemblies.  With corporate offices in west-central Nebraska, we live and breathe agriculture every day. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with the best answers, insight, and solutions for you and your customers to meet the challenges and opportunites in the ag tire world.  With locations in Indiana and Nebraska, we serve customers all over North America.

Our focus is solely on agriculture tire and wheels so we understand how to pair up tires and wheels to provide optimal performances under the conditions and application in which they will be used. We ask the right questions in order to get your customer the right assembly. If it takes a rubber tire and it’s used in agriculture, we’ll have it on hand (along with the right wheel)—or we can get it right away.

We’re looking for long-term business relationships with leading agribusinesses. We figure if we help you look good to your customers, then it’s a partnership worth having. Pretty simple.

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