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Dawson Tire & Wheel’s main business focus is helping farm equipment dealers move equipment. To support this valuable business-to-business relationship, we offer dealers specific programs not available to end users or farmers. These programs include Loyalty Rewards, dealer pricing, marketing initiatives, sales support, technical support, training, and additional revenue streams. The most notable is our trade-in program where we exchange tires and wheels with a dealer for a more appropriate set that enables the dealer to move their equipment. This program is only available to dealers; we do not trade with end users.

Almost every piece of farm equipment has tires so it makes sense to keep this business inside your dealership. Dawson is committed to our dealers to keep this a profitable proposition. Here are six considerations when using ag tires and wheels as an additional revenue stream.

1. Keep existing customers – whatever it takes

2. Put the right value on used tires and wheels

3. Know retail values – don’t sell yourself short

4. Work with assemblies rather than hassle with tire mounting

5. Flat repairs and busted rims may need to be left to the tire techs

Call (888) 285-6337 today. We want to discuss your tire and wheel requirements and make this a profit center at your dealership.

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