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Tire Specs

Alliance Agricultural Tires

Alliance Ag Tire Databook
Alliance 385 Tread
Alliance 375 Tread
Alliance 370 Tread
Alliance 365 Tread
Alliance 360 Tread
Alliance 358 Tread
Alliance 356 Tread
Alliance 324 Tread

Firestone Agricultural Tires

Firestone Ag Tire Databook
Firestone Traction Field and Road R-1
Firestone Super All Traction II (SAT II) 23° R-1
Firestone Super All Traction FWD R-1
Firestone Super All Traction 23° R-1
Firestone Radial Deep Tread 23° R-1W
Firestone Radial All Traction FWD R-1
Firestone Radial All Traction DT — R-1W
Firestone Radial 9000 R-1W
Firestone Performer 85
Firestone All Non-Skid Tractor R-3
Firestone Radial All Traction 23° — R-1
Firestone Radial 23° — R-1

Goodyear Agricultural Tires

Goodyear Ag Tire Databook
Goodyear Ultratorque/Ultratorque Plus Radial
Goodyear Super Traction Radial
Goodyear Special Sure Grip Radial R-2
Goodyear Farm Utility
Goodyear Farm Rib Implement
Goodyear Dyna Torque Raidal
Goodyear Dyna Torque II
Goodyear Duratorque
Goodyear DT820/830 R-1W Radial
Goodyear DT810 R-1W Radial
Goodyear DT800 R-1W Radial
Goodyear DT195
Goodyear All Weather

Michelin Agricultural Tires

Michelin Ag Tire Databook
Michelin XM28
Michelin Multibib
Michelin Omnibib
Michelin MegaXbib
Michelin MachXbib
Michelin Agribib Row Crop
Michelin Agribib

Petlas Agricultural Tires

Petlas BD-65
Petlas IMT-08
Petlas TA-110 Radial
Petlas TA-60 Bias Ply
Petlas TD-16 Bias Ply
Petlas TD-17 Bias Ply
Petlas TZ-13 Bias Ply

Trelleborg Agricultural Tires

Trelleborg Ag Tire Databook
Trelleborg TM800
Trelleborg TM700
Trelleborg TM700 High Speed
Trelleborg AW305
Trelleborg TM2000
Trelleborg Marshland
Trelleborg TM100
Trelleborg TM190
Trelleborg TM600
Trelleborg TM800 High Speed
Trelleborg TM900 High Power

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