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Equipment manufacturer’s source for agricultural tires and wheels.

If tires and wheels are critical to the performance of the equipment you make, your first (and only) call should be to Dawson Tire & Wheel. We are North America’s leading resource for expertise on tires and wheels for agricultural equipment. OEM customers have come to rely on Dawson Tire to streamline their manufacturing process and reduce tire and wheel inventory.

You can count on Dawson Tire & Wheel to have the tires and wheels for most equipment used in agricultural application as well as spacers, hubs, and hardware.

As a partner with Dawson Tire & Wheel you will:

  • Reduced Your Inventory – Access to thousands of tires and wheels of all types and sizes for all types of equipment and applications.  We can hold inventory in your specific size and color code-reducing your need for on-site storage and money tied up in inventory
  • Controlled Lead Time – We hold your inventory and have it available as needed, reducing shipping and lead times when you need to restock.
  • Leading Ag Tire and Wheel Resource – Assurance that you’re getting the right tire and wheel assembly in the right application will lead to optimal performance, fewer repairs, replacements, and warranty claims and happy customers.
  • Cost Management – Competitive pricing and expedited delivery across North America from our Nebraska, Indiana, and Saskatchewan locations help you control production costs enabling you to manage manufacturing and shipping schedules with confidence.
  • Dual Source – We have the ability to be your prime or backup source to ensure you always have the stock you need, when you need it.

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Our relentless focus on excellence in customer service is the foundation of productive partnerships with our customers—based on respect, integrity and accountability.  You can rely on us to stand behind our products—and stand by our word. Discover how Dawson Tire & Wheel can turn tires and wheels into profitability for your company.  Contact an expert on our team today.


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